Web Programming and Web Design

definition Website and Web Programming : 

What is Web Programming?

Web programming gives your website an interactive edge. Instead of static websites which simply present information, web programming allows a website to do more such as saving and storing information and updating and databases, creating forms to contact someone or send information, making games, bulletin boards, chat rooms, and so on.
Web Programming is a part of the umbrella term of computer programming. Web programming languages are strictly for creating scripts to use on the website. Traditional computer languages can be used on the web, on your a computer, or any other device that has a computer chip, depending on which language is used.

What is Web Design?

Web design is the overall package of creating a website that includes the content, looks, the purpose, and the technology used in its function. By bringing all of these elements together coherently, one can say that they are designing a website.
While anyone can learn some of the simple HTML/ XHTML and put up a few pages, it does not necessarily mean they are web designers or developers. There is a correct technology behind the concept of web design which includes elements of learning proper style formats, forms, proper web design coding, and other elements in web programming.

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