Python is a High-Level Programming Language

Python is recently and emerging best pick python is a high-level programming language and confirmed by the IEEE Study, Python programming language was fund in the year of 1991 by the software developer Guido Van Rossum, the main intent to make the things easy for developer. This language has undergone several version and Updates bow it is used in any big IT Companies.

Highest to lowest languages

Python / PHP

Ruby and Perl

Google Go

Java / C/ C++


According to the basic principle of the coding high level languages means it is the distance from machine to binary code, many layer of the code is away from the machines it’s a simple binary digits 0s and 1s it is partially decides the programming languages.

In the Software engineers worlds, python is a Understood  as interpreted general purpose languages, high level languages, this means it is not at all your straight programming language like C C++ or Java,

Interpreted dynamic languages means it has to be run on the given system by another program instead of the local processor

Other languages it turn into the Assume when it complied, it is directly run on to processor and it is not being interrupted languages it makes python is a high level languages, Assembly languages they used to provide the instruction to the CPU, Assembly languages are considered as a low level languages, but they are not a lowest language, Assembly languages itself is a machine languages which is binary digit (0  1(m which is below to interrupted by the computer directly, Python is an east reliable languages, is easy interrupted by the program written in the C language.  This is why sometimes referred as C Python,

Python is a code reliability which keys the syntax of the program easier and shorter the resulting twill be a less coding for developer than imposed by java C or C++,


Python is a high – level Programming language


It is widely used programming languages

Is a platform independent?

It needs a compiler or interpreter for translation

It can run on any platform

It is simple to maintain

It is a portable

It is simple to debug

It is easy to understand

Is less memory efficient?

Friendly languages


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